Thai Girl with Hot Heart

If you living with a Thai girl with a hot heart just break up with her. You might think it is funny that the girl have a hot temper and make fighting sometimes but you could get into serious problems.

Just last month I saw a man from the UK arrested because his girlfriend “jumped” from a balcony. I am not saying he pushed or her or he did not push her but you never want to get in contact with the Thai police. If it was the other way around the girl would just be questioned and let go.

These Thai girls are also famous for making big scenes to attract a big crowed and while sculling you in Thai the onlookers while look you with pity and disgust. If you really unlucky some Thai men will find the opportunity to beat you up.

I had a problem with this kind of girl who always tried to start a fight with me so that she could call the police and tell them I hurt her. I never touched her and let her slapped me around while I called hotel security.

These Thai girls have problem like drug addictions, debts or big family problems and you are not the kind of person to help them. Being nice does not help because they are probably unhappy whatever you do.

My next door guy who visit his Thai girl from time to time always have to buy new furniture the next day since she make a fight to get rid of him. She cannot wait to get back with her sweet heart Thai boyfriend.

This might not sound like a scam warning but it is something that could very easily turn into a very expensive experience for you.

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