Learning how to medicate myself

We got an email from a reader and she had some problem with people wanted her to self medicate. It is very difficult to know what this scam was all about off course since they did not say much more.
Most likely it is a Herbal Life or similar. When most western countries look down on Herbal Life and other MLM such companies Thai people love them and they are featured in newspapers around Thailand. Thai people also try to copy or create their own MLM companies but 99 % of them are scam. The Thai police are light years behind and only when loads of people loose loads of money they come to the “rescue”. We tried to get DSI (Thai FBI) interested in this a few weeks ago but they only take claims over 10 million THB.

Out advice is to avoid all people approach you on the street whatever they are selling.

I really enjoy reading your site and have found a lot of useful
I have a question a bout something that happened this morning that I
think was a scam.

I was approached by a western man wondering if I was “interested in
learning how to medicate myself”. When I said no he asked if I was
interested in going off the beaten path, and that he showed me the
place and I go by myself.

This sounds really dodgy to me, and I saw him and a younger thai male
walking up to people later the same night.

Are you familiar with anything like this? I’m curious to know what it
was all about…

Thanks in advance, Sofia

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