Joiner fee in Thailand

Joiner fee in Thailand Hotels

Maybe you can debate if joiner fee is really a scam since it is posted in the hotel that charge it. But on the other hand they charge different joiner fees for different skin colors and that is a scam.
One of my friends who is European is staying in a Long Term hotel in Pattaya and he do not pay any fee for all the girls he bring every day. The Arab guests in the same hotel has to pay a joiner fee for every guest they bring up.

In some hotels staff in the hotel confirms that for example Japanese, Arab and Russian guest pays a joiner fee but not European guests.
In some hotels the joiner fee is a small sign over the counter and is not mentioned in the contract or on the website. If you book online and nothing is said about joiner fee you should off course not pay it.
A joiner fee does not give you any extra because the other hotels also take the ID card from the girls when you arrive at night but for free. You do not get any extra food coupons but you might get a towel and a free condom.

In Pattaya most hotels have opted out from joiner fees but still some upscale hotels still impose it. In Phuket, Samui and Krabi it is a real pest and you really have to be careful what hotel you book.
The best way is to ask the day manager when you pay and if the security guard want money in the night time show the name of the day manager and tell him to ask the day manager next day.
The joiner fee can range from 200 – 2000 THB and can be very expensive if you planning to stay for a few weeks in a hotel and planning to take company every night.
You can search on Google for hotels that do not charge joiner fee in Thailand on forums.

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