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We got an email from a reader regarding Home Pro in Thailand.

We bought a lock one year ago and they already changed it one time and took our bill. When we wanted to change it the second time the refuse even if we had gurantee.
The first day the manager said “Yes you can change” when we came there the second day another manager said “No you can not can not change”.
I called the office the next day and after some argument she said yes can change. When we came to the shop she then said “No you did not buy it here”.
They had diffrent exuses all the time and just made up stories as they went along. If someone said we do not sell this item here they just went with that even if the gurantee stamp was on the back. They keep saying we need a member card to change things, so if you not a member do not expect to have any kind of service from this shop. If we had a card they probaly ask us for a valid visa and passport and if we not had that they will say not change.

I strongly want to warn every forginers never to buy ANYTHING in Homerpo they are overprices and do not know what the hell they are doing. They might look like a western company but the staff have no knowledge about manging customers. Just buy some places else and let them feel that they loose customers. Even if you do not belive my story the shop is overpriced and you buy some place else will save you money.

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