California WOW SMS Scam

California Wow is getting more desperate by the hour and the days of closed clubs is probably not far away. Bangkok Post had an article a few month back about CaWOW almost made bankruptcy and had problem paying their bills.

The first sign of weakens was pulling in all the towels and then the shortened the closing hours an made some clubs smaller. The big club in Ekamai never got built and many people that bought membership ended up in a small club.

The last desperate move from them was to close the escalators in one direction at some clubs and forcing new members to take a Personal Trainer class. We also seen stupid signs that the customers can only use the machine maximum 30 min.

I got a spam SMS today from them saying in English ” You win the jackpot 3000 THB and movie tickets if you are the first 25 caller”

I called and I asked if they wanted our bank account number and they said no it was a voucher and I said I do not want a voucher I want my money and my tickets.

The guy in the phone asked me if I was a member or not and I said yes and why would I need a voucher if I am already a member? I never signed up on these phone numbers to get promotion from them and I left a fake number for them since they keep calling me all the time. So conclusion CaWOW just keep spam people and that is against the Cyber Law in Thailand.

Since I was a trouble customer I got connected to the “hound bitch” they have for one of these “trouble customers”. She was very lewd in her mouth and basically told me that I cannot read Thai and that I could go F myself. I told her she was breaking the cyber law in Thailand and she said that I was in the system and I said I would never leave my phone number to them.

As she got more aggressive and to the point threaten me I found it best to hang up since I would getting nothing out from the conversation.

Thai Wow is the one with the most reported companies to the consumers bureau in Thailand and rightly so they are a scam set up from the start and it is only a matter of time until they go belly up.

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