California WOW Life Time Scam

California WOW cannot just stay clean they need to cheat people out from the money to make profit and do not ask me how they got into the stock market in Thailand.

After our last article about the SMS Scam by California WOW we had a Thai girl send us an email telling us about her problem with them as well.

She said that she failed to understand that her “lifetime” membership will be terminated if she not paid 100 THB per year.

According to California WOW own “rules” they can terminate they account if you not pay the 100 THB per year and you cannot pay in advance you need to pay at the day or week exactly making it very easy to forget.

A lifetime membership is just that it is for life so you cannot really terminate it but California WOW can they can do everything they want since they have money. They can take away classes and close fitness centers but if you forget 100 THB you lose 25 000 THB.

We called on her behalf to the “customer service” at California WOW and they advice us that if we had forgotten a few month they could fix us back for 2000 THB. But if we had more than 6 month due our 25 000 for one year of fitness was lost.

We asked about this fixing in the contract and they said it did not have but it was really up to them to do as they pleased. So basically they do not go by the contract at all. Our advice was to talk to the consumer court and try to sue California Wow for unethical business practice.


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