Air Asia Bangkok Scam

Do not use Air Asia Go Guide in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the top destinations for Filipinos. This is actually where we went last weekend to celebrate our anniversary. We usually plan the itinerary on our own but since this trip will only be for two days we decided to just get a package tour to maximize our time. We arrived in Bangkok at around 6pm. We went out for dinner then we slept early in order to prepare for our 4 hour “Amazing Bangkok” tour which we booked from Airasiago. We tried Airasiago’s service before when we went to Macau so we’re quite confident and excited about the tour.

Unfortunatel your hotel is not part of the serviceable area so we had to commute from our hotel, The Phoenix Bangkok to Atrium Amari for our pick up. We were surprised when we found out that we were the only ones joining the tour. But we were still positive about the entire thing. On our way to China Town, we’ve noticed that the tour isn’t really allowing us to stop at any interesting spots. We were just passing through!! We were disappointed and confused at that point because obviously that is not what was written on the offer that we booked online. We kept quiet and tried to enjoy what we can. Towards the end of the tour, the tour guide said that he will bring us to a place where we will be taught how to make gems. My boyfriend said it sounds fishy but I said we should definitely see it since we paid for it already. The tour guide brought us to the Royal Lapidry Co Ltd.I was speechless!! There’s no presentation about making gems in that place. All we saw were jewelries and a pushy sales lady. I felt obliged to buy something since the sales lady named Rose were following us wherever we go. The good thing was we were able to speak in Filipino without her understanding it. I’ve seen this place in a show called Scam City before.

This place is offering overpriced gems to foreigners. They even give out certificates about the authenticity of their products but when people have it checked abroad they found out that the value of the gems only cost about 1/10 of the money they paid for it. In the end we just gave in and brought some overpriced souvenir items. We were really really disappointed. The four hour tour last only for less than 2 hours. We didn’t get to see the Grand Palace which was promised to us and we felt like we were ripped off. We gave the tour guide a tip of 200 Baht and we immediately walked away, pretending that we just want to shop in the Pratanum Market.
For fellow travelers like us we strongly suggest that you do your research our the country
you are visiting. I’ve seen the Gems Gallery in Scam City so I wasn’t victimized.
It will also help to ask before purchasing anything. I’m referring to the tour we got from Airasiago.
We should have asked them about the entire tour before buying it. And when it comes to pushy sales lady and tour guides it will be okay to politely decline their offers.

This unfortunate experience won’t change my view about Bangkok. I would still want to go
back next time but I will be more prepared and I will just plan my own itinerary.

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