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Jet Ski Scam Pattaya still alive

September 7th, 2014 · Jet Ski

This is a post for people who are planning to go Pattaya, Thailand for holiday.
I was on holiday in Pattaya with my husband and a bunch of friends. Something really bad happened on us after our jet ski ride.
We went to the Pattaya beach after a rain and was planning to go for some water sports. And there we met two Thai Mafia who offered us to go for jet ski ride. They offered us at 1500Thai Baht at first that we think it’s really too much for one ride and they counter offer again and finally both agreed at 300Thai Baht for each jet ski(we rented two jet ski, one for me and my husband and the other one for our friend). Here starts the jet ski scam. We happily sat on the jet ski and the Thai Mafia took some pictures of us on the Jet ski.
It was our first time on a jet ski except our friend, so he ride quite steadily on it where me and my husband fell down quite a few times during the ride.
After 30mins of ride, we then return the jet ski to the Thai Mafia, and there they started to ask for compensation for crashing the jet ski!!
(P/s: 1st, they shouldn’t offer us the ride when they noticed the wave is bad at that moment. 2nd, they did not ask us to do a checking of the jet ski before the ride. 3rd, when they asked us to signed on the receipt before the ride, they actually covered the damn rules and regulation!!)
The photo taken before our ride is actually to prove that we’ve broke the jet ski. The THAI MAFIA asked for HALF MILLION of Thai Baht for the compensation of the jet ski crashed and that’s really a BOOM!!! (That’s the price of a new jet ski) First to clarify, we didn’t bang or crashed the jet ski at all that we do not know how the hell that the jet ski can be broken!! Plus the jet ski wasn’t even broken but just a few minor cracks.They were so rude and acted like gangster who were ready to break a fight anytime.
We were so helpless that even the Thai Cops weren’t helping us but to ask us to settle it ourselves (I read an article saying that the Thai cops actually gets 20% of commission from the money that were compensate from tourists, wtf). After that, they insist to at least compensate 50000Baht per jet ski that we were really so helpless.
Then I started to search for ‘Foreign Tourist Police Assistants(FTPA)’ and I MANAGE TO TALK TO SOMEONE WHO CAN REALLY HELP US like finally!!!

The FTPA patrol car took about 15mins to arrive and we finally saw hope. Then the foreign tourist police called us up to the patrol car to record a brief statement of the incident. During the arrival of the FTPA, those Thai MAFIA then turned from gangster to little mice who talked so softly!

The foreign tourist cops are really helpful. We end up paying 5000Baht for each jet ski as we know they will surely not let us go if we are not paying that amount. But thank god it’s 5000baht but not more than that. I can only say that we paid this amount to learn a lesson here. And we were really lucky to have the FTPA here to help us otherwise we might end up like other tourist we read on the scam article. Do not ever ride on the jet ski in Thailand even if it’s free of charge, else you will definitely end up like us.
If you would like to have more references on such similar cases please do go to YouTube and search for “Thailand jet ski scam”. There are loads of them for you to check out.
Share it to your family and friends who are going to Thailand for holiday.


Thailand Jet Ski

Thailand Jet Ski

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The Famous Cambodia Visa Scam

February 26th, 2013 · Travel Thailand

The Famous Visa Scam

I’ve been warned by a good friend of mine before going to Bangkok and crossing to Siem Reap.
He left me a note to remind me about the famous visa scam in the border. I must admit that I did little planning for my entire trip that started when I arrived in Bangkok. A lot of mishaps already happened and it made me more anxious. The whole cross usually takes around 5-6 hours so I thought I’ll use that time to read and prepare for Cambodia. I was also depending on the note left by my friend because he has done this journey before.

When we arrived at the border I was looking for fellow travelers to get a ride with. I saw a British couple but they looked too snobbish. So I opted to take a motor taxi or tuktuk as locals call it.
The woman driving the tuktuk was a bit strange. Her face was half covered by a black cloth.
But the journey was short so I didn’t mind it that much. We agreed on the price of the ride.
She asked for 50 Baht and I didn’t even bother to haggle. I just wanted to finish everything as soon as possible.

Me and the rest of the tourists were brought to a visa agency. When the man working there saw my passport he just said, “Ah Filipina. No visa fee for you.” I was relieved when he said that because the Philippines is part of the ASEAN countries so visa shouldn’t be a problem. But then after a few minutes he started asking for 300 Baht as processing fee. I just got upset by this. This man is trying to scam me into giving him 300 Baht for a free visa.

I hurriedly went out of that agency! I demanded the tutktuk driver to bring me to the real visa border. I’ve noticed that she wasn’t happy with this but I insisted. I will never ever pay for a visa that I can get for free. I understand that it is a way of living for these people and my tuktuk driver will most probably get commission from the tourists getting their visas processed in that agency but still I won’t waste my money for that. Besides my friend already warned me about this visa scam.

I finally gotten my visa for Cambodia. It was too stressful and I felt so tired because of the things that happened. I was disappointed but I know that scams happen in all the parts of the world.
So this is nothing new. I wrote this entry to warn people that they shouldn’t let their hard-earned money be taken away by some scammers. Read about the place you’re going to. Prepare in advance and be smart.

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Pattaya World of Chang Travel Scam

February 22nd, 2013 · Tour Company, Travel Thailand

Travel Company Scam

Mr & Mrs Viac Akmetor, American tourists filed a complaint against “World of Chang” Tour Company
which is owned and operated by a Russian named Natalia Aleynikova. The American couple joined by
a relative paid 10,500 Baht for a package tour that was scheduled to take place last February 11. The tour
is for the Island of Koh Chang. But the company informed them that the tour will be rescheduled. By Sunday they still didn’t push through with the trip and that made the complainants file a case against the tour company. Now the police are investigating the tour company. The complainants were issued an official receipt which will be used as evidence for the case.

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